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    Something High Electric (Xiamen) Company Inc. was established in September, 2001, and is a joint venture enterprise that specially designs and   manufactures of all kinds of Switching Power Supply, including Charger, Adapter, Open Frame.

    Factory covers an area about 12000 m2 and has over 400 employees. Production capacity is up to 2M per month. With years experience, more than 30 R&D engineers customize qualified samples within 15 days.

    Under ISO 9001 certified quality management, all of our products undergo the below strict procedure control before delivery.

    ²  Key components, such as high frequency transformers, inductors, plastic cases and DC cords, are manufactured in house

    ²  Sampling and inspecting all of incoming materials, including RoHS inspecting

    ²  SPC Controlled Manufacture

    ²  100% safety test and electronic characteristics test

    ²  100% burn-in test

    ²  RoHS Available

    ²  Sampling and inspecting all of output products

    With such as CCC, UL, TUV, GS, CE, KC, RCC, PSB, BSMI and PSE safety approvals, our main markets are focus on China, Europe, USA, Southeast Asia and Australia.

    Give us an opportunity; we will be your cheering supplier!

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